The stress and nutrition connection

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Consider a day you’ve had that was more hectic than others. Maybe you overslept or got stuck in traffic and were late to work, or your boss assigned you a big project with a tight deadline – it’s just one of “those days.” Chances are you are not alone – everyone has encountered some form of stress at one point or another in their life (1). But did you know that nutrition can play a role in daily stress management? 

Stress can subconsciously play a role in the short-term food choices we make while also potentially wreaking havoc on our long-term wellbeing. Think about it: after one of “those days,” you may often find yourself looming over the bakery section of your local grocery store looking for less healthy “comfort food”. While this may temporarily relieve stress, it is not necessarily beneficial to your overall health. In this article, we’ll discuss the short and long-term effects of stress and how you can use nutrition-related strategies to combat it. 

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