I only have a handful of vegan friends, but I’ve had enough experience reading labels to know that a whole bunch of things we buy and eat are not vegan-friendly. Thankfully, this year, we at Lifesum have compiling a list of all the things you should get your vegan friend for the holidays.

1. A subscription to VegNews 

Bet you didn’t know there’s an entire magazine dedicated to veganism? Well, there is. It covers everything from food, to beauty and skincare, travel, and home. It’s the vegan bible.

Buy it: $20 for a year, VegNews

2. Plant-based beauty products 

There’s an arsenal of vegan health products available; with everything from facial scrub to dry shampoo. Our personal favorite though, is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette from the Body Shop. Smells good and is good.

Buy it: $28, The Body Shop

3. A Milk Machine 

Give your vegan friend the power to make their own milk. It’s one of the more expensive gifts on this list, but you’re sure to make whoever gets it, very, very happy.

Buy it: $140, Goop

4. HOPE Hummus 

This organic, non-GMO, Veg is better than normal food. Vegan or not, this is the kind of hummus where one dip is just not enough. They have a variety of different flavors; Thai Coconut Curry is our all-time favorite.

Buy it: $4 and up, Hope

5. Pretty vegan candles 

Otherland makes cruelty-free, vegan candles that smell incredible. Our tip: buy the 3-pack and give only one to your friend; you’ll want to keep these.

Buy it: $36 each or $108 for a 3-pack, Otherland

6. Underwear Studio shot of beautiful young women posing against a grey background

Quick tip: don’t buy this for anyone you aren’t sure won’t be freaked out that you’re purchasing underwear for them. Give the gift of guilt-free, cruelty-free, discomfort-free underwear for Christmas.

Buy it: $57 and up for packs, Wama Underwear

7. A vegan wallet 

Matt and Nat sell beautiful vegan leather goods like wallets, purses, backpacks and larger luggage. It won’t be cheap, but it will be appreciated!

Buy it: $40 and up, Matt and Nat

8. Lifesum Premium 

Can we brag for a minute? Our app is full of recipes and health plans for every type of diet. It’s great for new or even wannabe vegans who need inspiration and tips for how to be vegan the healthy way.

Buy it: $45 for a year, Lifesum

9. A straightforward vegan cookbook 

Cooking can be challenging, and if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, the difficulty only increases. Get your friend a cookbook that makes it simple and inexpensive to eat vegan, you might even be able to cook them a meal out of it!

Buy it: Vegan in 7: Delicious Plant-Based Recipes in 7 Ingredients or Fewer, $13, Amazon

10. A vegan lifestyle subscription box 

This one from Bombay & Cedar features aromatherapy recipes, essential oils, skincare, snacks and more – all vegan.

Buy it: $30 a month for a mini box, Bombay & Cedar

Femi A-Williams is a health and fitness convert trying to reconcile a healthy lifestyle and a happy food life. She is 80% whole grain and 20% donut.

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