The Dangers of Eating Out and How To Tackle Them

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1. Avoid buffets

A dieter’s worst nightmare has got to be a massive array of tempting treats. It can even be hard to avoid bingeing at the salad bar, because even salad bars are usually accompanied with fatty croutons, creamy dressings (even more fat and calories), heavy pasta and potato salads.


2. Go easy on the alcohol

Usually loaded with sugar and calories, alcohol has a tendency to make us not care about healthy eating. Two beers or glasses of wine, the calories add up quickly and you’re more likely to abandon your good eating intentions.

3. Don’t be shy about asking for substitutions

Ask for a side of vegetables instead of the french fries/potato wedges. Switching out white rice for brown and white pasta for whole-wheat pasta. Request a small salad or green vegetable instead of onion rings, or black beans instead of French fries.

4. Order from the appetizer menu to control the portion sizes

The appetizer plates are smaller than the dinner plates and you will eat less. If you are still hungry, order a side salad to help fill your tummy. You can also ask for an appetizer portion of a main-course.

5. Order grilled vegetables or steamed vegetables with a slice of lemon

Steaming and grilling vegetables are two of the most healthy ways to cook. They are great ways to boost the plant content of your meal while preserving as many of the nutrients as possible. Steaming is a technique that requires no added fat and vitamins remain in the vegetables instead of leaching into the water, as can happen with boiling.


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