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If going to the gym isn’t an option for you, staying at home doesn’t have to mean a lame half-assed workout. You can use your whole ass. You just need the right workout.

Online workouts Beautiful sporty cheerful woman is doing side plank exercise. She is watching video on the internet and repeating the tasks

Technology saves the day again! There are tons of online subscriptions for different types of workouts. Online subscriptions are great because they allow you to workout on your own schedule, and still give you fresh variety every month. They’re also nice because they give you the feeling of working out with people, even if you’re home alone, and the babes are down for a nap.

Our favorites:

Tracy Anderson Method

Gaia Yoga



DVD workouts Fit African American woman exercising at home watching a DVD - healthy lifestyle

One-time fee, all the fun. These are great for when you’ve found what you know works, and just want to stick with it, no monthly fees required. They’re also perfect if you’re a beginner; if you can’t keep up, you can rewind and try again.

Our favorites:

XTrainFit – RipT90

Jillian Michaels 30-day shred

BeachBody Insanity Base Kit

21-Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese

Zumba 101

Home workouts with friends Two fit girls doing home workout performing lateral lunges at home.

This is simple. Pick a few friends, schedule a regular time and find the perfect place. Put a different person in charge of the workout each time, and make sure you push each other. You can use Youtube, PDFs, or workout apps for inspiration – the key is just to do it together. For best results, put it in the calendar, schedule a post-workout reward (and a task if you forfeit), and choose a room in the house with air conditioning (trust us on this one).

Our favorite home workout apps and PDFs:

Sweat app

PopSugar Fitness on Youtube

Self on Pinterest

What’s your favorite way to work out at home?

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