The Basic Workout From Home Kit

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The busier I get, and the less time I have, the more every minute counts. This means that if I have only 30 minutes of ‘free time’ to spare, I’m probably not going to make it to them gym, which is a 10-minute drive from my house. Because of this, I’ve started to think about how I can invest in a good home gym setup without spending too much. Here’s what I think you need:

1. A yoga mat

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Even if you don’t do yoga, you need a place to lie down and stretch, or something to place your hands on when your doing push-ups. Consider this the most basic of essential home gym gear.

2. Dumbbells

The best kind of dumbbells are the ones that can be stacked for weight. While these generally tend to be more expensive, they make it possible for you to practice lifting more, along with allowing you to adjust when working different parts of the body (you don’t want to lift to light or too heavy).

3. Medicine Ball

My least and simultaneously most favorite CrossFit exercise is the wall throw. It’s great for your arms and your core and is thoroughly exhausting. You can also use the medicine ball for squatting exercises, among other things, so it’s a very versatile piece of equipment.

4. TRX Suspension Kit

These ropes were designed to be able to tackle every area of the body without the need for more equipment. They do just that. With them, you can do rows, push-ups, bicep curls, squats, and mountain climbers to name just a few.

5. Exercise bands

I hate these (and love them). Just like the TRX, you can use these to target pretty much any part of your body. If it’s your back, you can place both hands in it and pull them apart; if it’s your thighs, you can pull it just above your knees, sink into a squat and press your legs apart; the list of possibilities is endless.

Are there any other pieces of small equipment you would buy for your home gym?

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