Reasons why you should go green in 2020

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The green age. The move towards more sustainable practices is beyond ignoring at this point. You can eat more plants, eat more variety, waste less food, reduce your meat intake, shop locally, and eat seasonally. You know the how, but why? Why be more sustainable?

Here are just a few good reasons:


1. Global warming

For the environment’s sake. Eating the way we currently did isn’t the best for the environment. On a whole lot of different levels. Transportation: food has to be frozen, stored, and carried across the country; production: farming nowadays is on far too large a scale to be good for the environment – it’s a leading cause of deforestation, because of the number of trees that are cut down to make room for large farms, it pollutes the air (apparently over 37% of methane emissions come from factory farming (, and it is bad for the soil, because of all the chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

2. Keep your weight down

Eating more sustainably does more than help the environment. A more plant-based diet means there’s less room for processed foods, and high-sugar foods which is an easy way to shift a few pounds.

3. Better bowel movements

More vegetables = more fiber. If you have issues staying regular, it might be down to what you eat (or rather don’t eat). Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, carrots, and beets are full of fiber, so if you’re eating a more plant-based diet you’re more likely to get more of these.

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