Light a Candle, Sit, and Breathe

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Kids, pets, career, relationship, friendships… self-care comes last.

And it makes sense.

You have to feed your car, your kids can’t pick themselves up from school, you can’t ignore your other half, but you can wait, right?


The body needs relief, it needs relaxation. Without it, the body is under incredible stress.

Here’s what long-term stress can do to the body:

  • Fluctuating hormones, which can lead to missed periods
  • Stress headaches
  • Guys, stress can affect the brain processes that help you get an erection
  • Tightened blood vessels, which can lead to higher blood pressure
  • Weakened immune system, so that you’re less able to fight infections
  • Basically, your body needs a rest.

Now, we get that it seems like a lot of work when you have a million other responsibilities on your plate, but it doesn’t need to be work, it just needs to be a priority.


Here are some simple ways you can make your well-being more of a priority:

  1. Book at least an hour a week for something you enjoy doing – that’s right, just for you. If it’s watching fail videos on YouTube, so be it.
  2. Get good sleep. 6-8 hours people! You can only neglect it for so long before it catches up to you. Make it a priority.
  3. Book at least one session a week to do something that will make your body feel good. It doesn’t have to be an hour, it could be 30 minutes, and it could be exercise, but it doesn’t have to be, it could be a long bath, it could be a massage; whatever it is, make sure it’s something that’s good for your body.


Long story short, take care of you! While it may seem like you can neglect your health in the short-term, you’ll only be your best if you don’t.

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