Let’s talk about alcohol and the holidays

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Happy New Year! *Drink glasses clink together, people kiss, fireworks outside*

If there’s one thing the New Year is synonymous with, it’s alcohol. And while that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, most times it is.

We’re by no means here to judge, but we are here to offer some advice to make your new year celebrations a little lighter, and a little more healthy.

First we’ll say this. Alcohol isn’t always the enemy. A glass of red wine every once in a while has actually been shown to help with heart health by preventing coronary artery disease (Mayo Clinic). But the key is moderation and the right kind of alcohol.

We all already know that alcohol can impair judgement and slow down our reflexes in the short-term, but long-term issues of overconsumption of alcohol also include: weight gain, liver damage, and even less gray and white matter in the brain (this matter is what helps your brain to function and keeps your nerves from being damaged).

So all that said. We’ve got a few drink options for you.

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