Keep your Immune System Healthy with these Everyday Foods

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A few months ago I got a wicked cold that led to an asthma attack. It took me weeks to recover from.

This past month, I found myself with a pretty mean cough and a runny nose. And just last week, I felt a tickle in my throat that was very unwelcome.

I wondered to myself, what on earth has happened to my immune system? Why am I getting sick so often? While I love taking those immune system boosting tablets more than anyone (because woah do they work), I’d rather not have to use them at all.

So I thought I’d share with you guys a few natural ways you can boost your immune system with your diet.

Before I go any further though, it’s important to note that there isn’t necessarily a one-stop fix for your immune system (even a tablet). Our immune systems are a lot more complex than we realize, so the best we can do is seek to live a healthy lifestyle with foods that we know strengthen and protect us in different ways, and go from there (Harvard Med).

So rather than food to boost your immune system, how about foods that keep your immune system healthy?

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