How to Workout From Home (With Kids)

Beautiful curly woman and her little pretty daughter at home. Practicing yoga in lotus posture.

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I have a couple of friends (read: supermoms) who have embraced the whole ‘I have kids but I want to stay in shape’ thing by doing workouts at home.
That’s right. With their kids around.
It has its challenges, but they are living proof it‘s possible. Here’s what I’ve learned from them about making home workouts a reality when your kids are around:

Include them Beautiful young woman and her charming little daughter are smiling while doing yoga together at home

Initially, at least, your kids are going to think this is the coolest thing ever, and like all adult things, they’re going to want a slice.
One friend of mine has bought her two year old his own (kid-friendly weight) barbells. When she does her workout in the mornings he does it with her. The kid hasn’t mastered talking yet but his overhead press is legitimately impressive.
Another way you can include your kids is to chase them around the house for 10 minutes – it’s great cardio.

Prepare for interruptions A black mother and daughter walking together outdoors along the waterfront of a city. They are holding hands, making eye contact and smiling at each other lovingly. They are pink shirts.

If you were planning on doing a timed set, that might be difficult. With slightly older kids, 3/4, you might be able to explain to them that you need to focus and hand them a toy or an iPad, but you know kids, if they need you now, they need you know, and the potty waits for no man!

Be the early bird Photo of a cheerful little boy trying to stand up on a surfboard right before the wave strikes with a little help from his mother/ surfing teacher

If working out with the kids awake really isn’t an option, try getting up earlier. Most parents would say waking up earlier is a challenge, which is totally fair, but maybe aim for one early morning a week to start and see how you go.

Turn play dates into workout dates Caucasian family playing basketball together. Happy family spending free time together.

Invite other parents over and send the kids off to play, all you need is 30 minutes to get a solid sweat in!

Think outside the dumbbell Mother and little toddler doing fitness at home on an exercise Mat together and smiling at home

You know what weighs a whole lot more than you 10 lb dumbbell? Your toddler. Lifting (carefully) will give them the giggles and tone your arms FOR SURE.
What are some ways you include your kids in your workouts?

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