How To Turn Your New Year’s Resolution Into Reality

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Did you make a promise on New year’s eve to live a healthier life? Good for you! This is the time of year where most people make a promise to themselves but it’s also the time where most fail to make that promise come true. To make the most of your chances to succeed, we offer 5 tips to help you turn that resolution into reality.


  1. Set your FIRST short term goal and make it measurable

It’s easy to set vague goals like “I should eat more veggies” or “I should exercise more”. It won’t work in the long run. Go for  “I will eat vegetarian food mondays and wednesdays for 30 days” or “I’ll walk 30 mins everyday for 30 days”.


  1. A reward for reaching your goal

What good is a goal if you are not around to celebrate it? Pick a reward that you really want.


  1. Tell one person about your goal

By committing to telling another person, you will get more motivated in reaching your goal. Maybe you want to celebrate with this person too? Also, that person will tell you if your goal is good or not.


  1. Take an interest in health

Inspiration does not just happen by chance. By reading up on the facts around your goal you will naturally keep focus and reaching your goal will be more of an exploration, rather than a struggle. Check out the low calorie desserts on the Lifesum blog or buy a book on running technique.


  1. Change ONE thing at a time

We have been over this before. Don’t buy a gym card AND eat healthier food every meal AND start powerwalking to work. If you change your life too much, the challenge will be too great and you are likely to fail. Pick one thing and grow new habits gradually.


Best of luck to you and let us know what works for you so we can keep supporting your way to a better health.