How to survive the post-holiday blues

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It’s not all that difficult navigating winter blues in the run-up to the holidays. Even though it’s dark and cold, there’s Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year to look forward to. It’s after the holidays that the real struggle begins. How do you stay healthy and motivated on the dark days? Here are five quick tips:

1. Take a lunch break 

Woman eating food during lunch break

Getting some sunshine and fresh air is vital for winter survival. Around midday, when it’s the warmest and brightest time of day, get up and take a walk outside for 15 minutes or so. You won’t regret taking a moment to stretch your legs and clear your head.

2. Up your intake of Vitamin D 

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When sunshine is in short supply, we have to resort to other measures. You can take supplements, but we’d recommend eating more vitamin D rich foods, such as salmon, mushrooms, and egg yolks.

3. Get social 

Going to festival with friends

Organise potluck parties, go bowling with friends, spend time with family. Socialising helps boost mental health and keep the winter blues at bay.

4. Embrace the cold 

family in snowy winter landscape of giant mountains on cross-country-ski

Take up a cold weather hobby, like skiing or ice-skating. Finding fun outdoor activities to do will help you get outside more.

5. Cook comfort food 

Portrait of three people at kitchen cooking spaghetti for their dinner meal

Stews, soups, casseroles and pies were made for cold, dark days. Buy a cookbook of comfort food and work your way through it; not only will it be a fun project, your stomach will thank you too!

What do you do to battle the post-holiday blues?

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