How to snack better

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Snacking can be a challenge for a number of reasons; sometimes it’s hard to know when to eat, other times how much, then of course there’s the what… We can’t say for sure that there’s a right way or a wrong way to snack, but we do think there are ways to do it better; here are just a few:

1. Go for variety

Grabs nuts and an apple, or jerky and some carrot sticks. Basically, you don’t want just one macronutrient represented. Typically, with snacking you’re needing something that will a) keep you full until your next meal, b) keep you energized, and c) keep you focused.  No one macronutrient can do that, so you’ll want a snack that has a at least two macronutrients present.

2. Portion your snacks

You might not think that you need to plan the amount you want to eat before you eat, but the likelihood is that you do. Ever grabbed a bag of tortilla chips and looked down after a couple minutes to find that the bag is almost empty? Well, pre-portioning your snacks will help with that.

3. Snack before you feel hungry

When you’re hungry, you tend to eat more than you need to. Unless you’re trying to fast and bring your body to a place of hunger, you’re going to want to avoid getting to the point where your stomach rumbles and you’re getting a headache. Eating at regular intervals means you’ll be less tempted to overeat.

4. Drink before you snack

If you are feeling hungry, and heck, even if you aren’t, have a glass or two of water and wait a few minutes before you snack. It’s often the case that our bodies mistake thirst for hunger, so waiting a while to check in with your body can be a good thing if you’re someone who finds that you always feel hungry, even when you’ve just eaten.

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