How to Host a Dinner Party on a Diet

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Broccoli and boiled chicken breast is not going to earn you any friends no matter how well plated the meal may be. Follow Evolve Fit‘s Blake Robinson’s easy step-by-step guide to hosting a dinner at home without derailing your diet in the process.

Go With the Seasons
Foods that are in season pack more flavor meaning you don’t need to use as much butter and salt to bring out the taste. Ask your local grocer or vegetable vendor at a farmers market for what is in season and make simple appetizers with sliced vegetables and hummus, or greek yogurt and seasonal fruit. Vegetables, herbs and seasonings already bring a lot of flavor to the table, and roasting them only enhances it. In short, let the seasonal fruits and vegetables speak for themselves by choosing them in season and roasting them if necessary.

Put Your Sauces on The Side
Some guests may not be quite as vigilant as you are with your nutritional regime so having some less healthy sauces for them is appropriate. Try to keep sauces and butters on the side, there’s no need to lather everything in them but they should be available for those who choose to indulge.

Bake the Main Course
Baking is one of the best ways to keep your main dish low in calories and high in tenderness. You can bake a lot of different proteins: chicken, turkey and even salmon, and the result will be a crispy outside and juicy middle. It will take a little longer to cook but it will definitely be worth it.

Go Fresh for Dessert
If you’ve been saving something special for the end make it worth it. Angel food cake with fresh fruit in a separate dish won’t send you over your calorie-goal and will be something everyone can enjoy – which is the real purpose.

Following these 4 simple steps will ensure you’re able to stay on track without your guests even knowing they were along for the ride.

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