How to get up early in the morning (and not hate it)

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I actually like my mornings now – but I never used to. I’ve found a few things that help make it worth it, and easier. And now I get up in the morning and don’t grit my teeth as I do it.

Here are a few tips for you non-morning people.


1. Go to bed early

Getting up early in the morning is far worse if you went to bed late the night before. And of course we all already know this, but it’s a good reminder.

Bonus tip: leave your phone outside your room and get an alarm clock and a book. The light from your phone won’t disturb your sleep and you’ll still be able to wake up on time in the morning.

2. Start your morning the night before

Prep the coffee machine, prep your breakfast, choose your outfit, pack your bag or briefcase. Do all that you can to create a morning that’s a little more zen.

3. Find something worth waking up early for

It can be anything from the sunrise to the fresh morning air, or the silence in your house before everyone wakes up. Figure out what it is, and take a moment to soak it in each morning you get it.

4. Get cosy

Half the time I hate getting out of bed in the morning because my husband turns the AC down to 71 and it’s just too cold outside of the sheets.  We’ve now added a rug to bedroom floor so I don’t get shocked awake by the freezing floors, and I reach for a beloved hoodie the moment I get out of bed. If you need slippers, a robe, or rug under your feet to make the mornings a little less miserable, go for it.

5. Exercise

So I know this might sound like a nightmare to some of you, but exercising in the morning is a pretty guaranteed way to get a good morning. Not only will it give your morning purpose, it will fill you with energy and endorphins to tackle the rest of the day. Now, don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be crossfit at 5:30 am, unless that’s what you want. It can be as simple as walking the dog, or doing a few stretches before you do anything else.

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