How to Commit and Continue

How to Commit and Continue lifesum

Choosing a goal is easy, making it happen is the hard part.

So you’ve set a goal. Let’s say it’s one of the ones we recommended, ‘to cook at least one more meal a week at home’. How do you make it happen?

Here are 3 quick tips to help you commit and continue.

1. Get specific

Don’t just say you will. Say when you will. Any night a week won’t do, because life has a habit of getting in the way. A friend thing, a work thing, a date thing, a kids thing. Until you get specific, you won’t be able to prioritise it and make time for it.

2. Get accountable

You want to cook once a week, how do you make sure you can’t get out of it? There are two easy options here. You can either invite a friend over on the same night every week and cook for them; or you can take a photo of your home-cooked meal and upload it onto social media so that your friends can see it.

3. Get a rhythm

Routine is what helps us form our habits. Do anything enough times and it will become natural. You need to make your new goal as second nature as brushing your teeth. It should just be another part of your day, not a matter of how you feel.

I know more than anyone that these things aren’t easy to do, but with the right structures in place, it’s possible. Everything is possible.

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