How to Build Muscle: PT and Gym Owner Mathias Zachau Weighs in

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The best muscle building advices from the personal trainer and gym owner, Mathias Zachau If I asked you what the key to building muscle was, what would you say? I’d probably answer something like protein, or pre-workout. You’d probably answer something similar. But, of course, we’d both be wrong.
We recently had the pleasure of hanging out with Mathias Zachau, owner of Kraftsport Kliniken and a personal trainer to boot. Here’s what he said the key is:
“The absolute most important thing to build muscle is to make progress. That goes under the principle of Progressive Overload, where you continuously add weight or reps. Then, you also need to make sure you get enough protein. When you train, you break down your muscle, so they can become even stronger and protein is the building block which ensures the breakdown is smaller than the recovery.”

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