How to break the “Weekend health fail” habit

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Unfortunately, weekend is the time when most people fail their health and fitness goals. We are going to say this once: It’s ok to celebrate during the weekend! As long as you get back on track on Monday again.

Celebration also doesn’t have to mean that you knock your healthy lifestyle to the ground with tons of snacks, sodas, greasy dinners or alcohol. These habits mainly come from your other habits. If you are at the bar with your friends, of course you will have as many beers as you always have. If you enjoy a Friday movie and a bowl of candy at home, you will probably do this next Friday too.

Breaking your unhealthy habits is all about changing your overall habits, and it can be exciting rather than terrifying.

  • Try a new restaurant and challenge your usual choice on the menu. Do you dare?
  • Take your friends out for a Friday night activity out of the ordinary, like a concert. Maybe you will change some of your friend’s life too!
  • Replace your usual movie snacks with 5 fruits from the grocery store that you have never eaten before. You might find a new favourite!

Say goodbye to your old weekend and hello to new exciting experiences!


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