How a sugar detox can help you

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You want the good news or the good news?! We’ll give you both!

The good news is that we’re launching a brand new meal plan focused on helping you detox from sugar, and you’re going to love it! The other good news is that with a sugar detox there are a heck of a lot of great benefits, so we thought we’d share a few of those with you now.

1. Banished belly fat

You know how your gut just seems to not go anywhere, despite all the exercise and all the diets you’ve tried? Blame sugar. High consumption of sugar actually triggers your body to grow fat around your abdominal area, which brings with it its own health risks, such as inflammation, which can lead to heart disease and even cancer.

2. Reduced risk of diabetes

There are two ways cutting back on sugar can help reduce your risk of diabetes. The first is by helping you lose extra weight, which is key in fighting off type 2 diabetes, and the second is by making the cells which produce insulin work a little less. Overworking these cells can lead them to malfunction, which eventually leads to diabetes.

3. Healthier teeth

More sugar in your mouth = more bacteria in your mouth, which in turn leads to more plaque. You want nice teeth, good breath, and fewer cavities? Cutting back on sugar should be your number one goal.

4. Better brain

Remember in college when you would cram for exams and use sugar as a way to help you focus? Yeah, turns out it’s actually not as helpful as we think. One study found that too much fructose in your diet can cause insulin resistance, which can damage the communication between your brain cells. Other research has found that sugar can contribute to inflammation and stress on the brain, so that it is quite literally ‘harder to think clearly’ (Medibank).

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