Here’s Why Summer is The Best Time to Start Working Out

Here's Why Summer is The Best Time to Kick-Start Healthy Living

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Catch me outside, how ’bout da?

Picture this: The sun is streaming in, gentle beams of light are filling your bedroom. You wake up, no alarm, grab a glass of water and peek outside. It’s a perfect day…to workout!

Okay so maybe you don’t feel exactly like this, but you’ve got to admit that there’s something about the sun shining that makes working out feel like less work!

When I was training for my 10k last year, one of my favorite things to do was lace up my sneaks early in the morning and go for a 45 minute run. The air was fresh, the sun was shining, it was still fairly quiet out, it was totally ZEN.

When the sun comes out, there’s so much more you can do to stay active. You’re no longer limited to the gym! Here’s why the summer is best time to start getting more active.

…because you can swap arm day for kayak day

Image via @krich10

Seriously guys, kayaking is a workout! The good thing is, you’re close to the water, you’re sitting down, and there’s usually a nice breeze to keep things cool, oh, and you’ll have a blast doing it!

…because planking sucks less by the pool

Image via @lindseyvonn

I think we can all agree that planking is the opposite of fun. BUT it’s not too bad if you can use it to count down the seconds until you get to hit the pool.

…because jumping jacks at the beach are still exercise

Image via @bodybyhannah

How high can you jump? Seriously though, bring a friend, jump a little at the beach, do a couple squats, and then top up your tan. Life could be worse.

…because running in the sun beats running in the rain

Image via @fitandyy

Need we say more?

…because you can yoga outside

Image via @gofitjo

There is no better place to yoga than outside, trust us. The sun pose, while in the sun? I mean HELLO?!

…because you can take in all the best views

Image via @fitfoodiefinds

Just you, the red rocks, the birds, and the sky. Fitness at its most free.

/Femi, The Girl Who Hates Working Out

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