Here’s What You Can Drink if you’re Trying to be Healthier

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So you’re trying to make healthier decisions, but you also want to enjoy a drink or two. That’s perfectly realistic. But what’s not too bad, and what has the potential to take you off course?

1 – Champagne

Ultra brut is the best type of champagne because it has no added sugar. There are roughly 65 calories in a glass of brut champagne versus 91 in the average glass, which still isn’t bad! The low levels of sugar are a bonus, because if you’re going to have sugar, it’s generally more fun to eat it than to drink it.

2 – Red wine

In general, I prefer white to red wine, but when it comes to which one comes with better health benefits (although it should be said that alcohol in itself has no real nutritional benefit and is not necessary for a healthy lifestyle), red wine wins. Red wins because of its reservatrol content. Reservatrol is an antioxidant believed to have heart health benefits and reduce bad cholesterol

3 – Light beer

We know, we know, it sounds like a crime against beer; but it’s worth thinking about. Want to know just how many calories you can save by switching to light beers? 50. A regular beer contains around 150 calories, a light beer contains just 100 (which is still more than if you had champagne!), so if you’re someone who doesn’t ever just have one – think about the calories you’ll be saving!

4 – Tequila

We had to include liquor. Tequila is definitely up there as one of the lighter alcoholic choices you can make. With just 65 calories in a single 1-oz shot, it’s one of the ideal drinks to mix with. Here’s a tip though; try to avoid sugary mixer drinks and get your margarita on the rocks – it will still pack the same punchy flavor but contain a lot less sugar and extra unwanted calories.

5 – Vodka

Vodka packs roughly the same number of calories as tequila. Whiskey and gin aren’t too far off, at around 70 calories per 1-oz shot. Once again, the issues isn’t really the liquor, but what you mix it with. For vodka and gin, opt for soda instead of tonic; 12 oz of tonic water contains around 124 calories, compared to 0 in soda water (yes, crazy right!).

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What are your favorite ways to cut back on calories in alcohol?

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