Easy Ways to Reduce your Food Waste

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What if I told you that there’s a whole lot of food you’re wasting every month?

A 2018 study by the USDA found that the average US consumer wastes about a pound of food a day. That’s a pretty significant amount of food over the course of a week, a month, or a year.

So the question is, well, what is it?

Here’s the thing, the type of food waste you do is dependent upon how you eat. If you’re someone who cooks a lot, your waste is most likely in the form of scraps; stems, fruit rinds, cores, bones – that kind of thing. But that’s not exclusively it; you’re also likely not eating everything in your pantry or your fridge before it goes past its best before date.

Business Insider reports that some of the most commonly wasted foods are fruits and vegetables, rice and bread, and dairy products.

Here’s what you can do to cut back on your food waste and get more out of the food you buy!


1. Freeze your bread

If you find yourself regularly throwing out moldy, unused bread, freeze half the loaf and use it for making toast. You can defrost it in the toaster or under the grill!

2. Make broth from scraps

Bones and inedible or tough veggie stems make for great broths and soups! Throw in any herbs you like (dried or fresh), and boil and then simmer together for a few hours. This is also great for your skin as bones provide you with collagen which boosts skin quality and elasticity.

3. Learn how to store your fruit and veg

Fruit and veg go bad a lot earlier if they aren’t stored correctly. Apples for example, should be completely dry, and stored in a cool, dark place. Bananas on the other hand, can be kept together and should be wrapped at the stems to stop them releasing gas (it makes them ripen faster). You can learn more about how to store your fruit and veg here.

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