Dos and don’ts of dieting with your partner

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It’s hard to diet alone. It’s even harder to diet when your partner isn’t dieting and isn’t supportive.

But what if your partner is more than supportive? In fact, what if they’re dieting with you?

Here are a few helpful tips for dieting with your other half.

1. Don’t get too competitive

Let’s start here. Different people lose weight at different rates, and react differently to different foods. You and your partner should set a joint weight-loss goal that sets you up as a team rather than as enemies.

2. Plan together

Go grocery shopping together and plan your recipes for the week together. Making sure you keep the right foods stocked and the wrong foods out of the house will make it easier to stay on track, and knowing what your planned meals are will make it easy to keep each other accountable.

3. Don’t feel like you need to do everything together

Even though this a team effort, it doesn’t mean every workout needs to be done together, or that every meal needs to be eaten together. Time apart will do you good (and give you something to talk about).

4. Have fun with it!

It’s your health but it doesn’t have to be serious. Make it fun as much as you can, try new recipes, explore different types of workouts; enjoy it!

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