4 Do’s and Don’ts for Working Out on Vacation

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It’s here. Finally. The big V. Vacation. You’ve saved for weeks, you’ve eaten right, exercised often, treated yourself to a new swimsuit and a bunch of other ‘very necessary’ summer outfits. You’re feeling good about yourself.

You’re still super pumped to essentially be living at the beach for two weeks when you suddenly realise that being away from home means your entire workout schedule could potentially get thrown out of whack.

Don’t panic. It’s all going to be okay. We’ve got you covered. Here’s what to do if you want to maintain workout momentum on vacation:

1. Do Swap Out A Sweaty Gym Sesh for A Few Laps of the Pool
You can work out without the gym. Think power walks, paddle boarding, and wind-surfing. The workout that doesn’t feel like work.

2. Do Make Time to Explore
The best thing about being in a new place is being in a new place. That is to say, go exploring. If you’re vacationing in a city or close to the beach, rent bikes or see as such of it on foot as possible. If you’re in a place with a lot of water, rent a pedal boat. If you’re close to mountains, go hiking. Exploring is the new cardio.

3. Do Try Out New Gyms or Niche Workout Styles
If they have aerial yoga and you’ve always wanted to try it, book yourself in for a class. Lots of gyms have drop-in spaces, so just call up and ask if they have a space when you want to go.

4. Do Wake Up With The Sunrise
‘If you are going to hit the gym or go for a run, workout as early in the day as possible’, our nutritionist Lovisa Nilsson says. ‘It means it’s over pretty quick, so you can do whatever your like with the rest of your day.’

5. Don’t Obsess Over It
If you can’t find the time to work out, don’t stress. You’re on vacation, chill by the pool, have fun and take it easy – that’s okay too.


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