All You Need to WFH (Workout From Home)

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Hint: You already have it

Getting into fitness can be pricey, and we’re not just talking about a boutique gym membership.

If you’re starting from absolute zero with fitness, not only do you need a gym membership, you need new shoes, new clothes, new underwear.

Fit isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Using some regular home items can help lower the price of good health. Here’s the ultimate list of WFH exercise gear:


Instead of a yoga mat, use a towel

Rear view of young woman sat on towel practising yoga by sea at sunset

Know what a towel can do that a yoga mat can’t? Soak up your sweat. Gross, we know, but true. Grab your biggest (but maybe not your fluffiest) towel, fold it lengthwise, and voila, a DIY yoga mat!

Instead of a bench, use a trusty dining chair

Two athletes training in the bench in the park outdoors.

You’ll need to be a little careful with this one, but chairs are perfect for a whole host of exercises. Push the back of the chair up against a wall, and throw a towel over it so it won’t scratch your wall. That’s it, you’re all set! Now you can use it for step ups, tricep dips, raised pushups, and more! If a chair still seems a little unstable for you, use the stairs instead.


Instead of a kettlebell, use your laptop

Beautiful girl performing exercise with kettlebel

When a typical laptop weighs anywhere from 3 lbs and up, who needs a kettlebell? Use it for overhead squats, single arm presses, and weighted reaches. If you’re feeling really confident (that you won’t drop your laptop) place it on your stomach and use it for weighted hip raises!


Use the wall

Young sporty girl doing wall sitting exercise urban outdoors.

Wall sits are known to be some of the most effective (and most testing) workouts. Stretching muscles in your thighs and your butt, these are the perfect ‘do anywhere’ exercise. You literally need a wall and a couple of seconds.


Instead of dumbbells, grab some food

Attractive young fitness woman in white singlet, working out with dumbbells. Rear view. Studio shot on gray background.

A couple cans of soup or large carton of milk will probably do the job. Smaller, lighter items are a great way to work with micromovements, like bending your wrist, and lots of repetitions; and heavier items can be used to replace barbell weights. A couple lifts of a gallon of milk is more than enough to get help you work up a sweat!


Instead of weights, use your body

Beautiful women working out in gym together

While the list of things you need to work at home is pretty short, it could really be shorter. All you need to work out from home is you. There are so many bodyweight exercises, with everything from pushups to planks, to squats, to burpees, to crunches, to leg raises and Russian twists. The possibilities are endless.


Have you used your furniture to work out from home? What are your favorite ways to work out around the house?


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