5 Ways to Stay Active When It’s Below Zero

5 Ways to Stay Active When It's Below Zero Lifesum

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Baby it’s cold outside.

We get it, the only thing you want to do when it’s freezing out is wrap up by the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book…but it IS worth making the effort to get out and about (we promise). So how do you stay active when it’s cold outside and make it #worthit?

1. Take a winter walk

I know, I know, it’s freezing, but there’s something beautiful about the snow (when it isn’t blowing in your eyes) and how it sugarcoats everything. For a successful winter walk you will need: 1) warm, waterproof, non-slip shoes, 2) a warm jacket, 3) a scarf (I somehow always seem to convince myself I don’t need one, and then regret it), 4) gloves y’all, 5) a steaming hot thermos filled with hot choc, or coffee, 6) Headphones and a winter playlist. That is perfect.

2. Embrace a cold weather sport

Here in Sweden, Winter is the longest month. It feels like 3/4 of the year (it isn’t, but it really feels like it). This means that if Swedes refuse to leave the house because ‘it’s too cold’ they will miss most of the year. So Swedes embrace it. They ice-skate, go cross-country skiing (basically skiing on flat ground), hiking, and some do still run in the snow (these guys are the original Vikings in my opinion – that’s hardcore).

3. Try an indoor sport

If being outdoors in the cold really isn’t an option, try an indoor sport. If you aren’t a huge fan of the gym already it might be tough for you to fall in love with it all of a sudden in the darkest months of the year (read: it’s highly unlikely), so I recommend doing a sport with a friend. Indoor squash is an awesome workout as it pretty much requires you to use every part of your body, but it’s still great fun (especially if you’re competitive). Another cool sport is boxing, or another similar combat sport – these kinds of sports keep you moving all the time. If you’re more of a team kind of person, join a basketball team or a floorball team, and you’ll have so much fun you’ll likely forget you’re even working out. I could list so many more; you could swim, you could go trampolining, or bouldering – just find something fun that you can do in the warm indoors.

4. Do an outside activity

In Europe we go and explore all the Christmas markets and buy all the things we don’t need. In the US you check out all the Christmas lights or go pick out Christmas trees. Just pick an activity that will have you outside and moving a lot.

5. Workout at home

If you’re trapped at home with snow holding the door shut, do not fear. Youtube has tons of bodyweight workouts you can do at home – literally type ‘Bodyweight workout’ into the search field and you’ll get a long list.

We hope these help you stay active over the holidays, it’s easier than you think!

/Femi, The Girl Who Hates Working Out

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