5 Ways to Sneak More Exercise Into Your Daily Life

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This year I wanted to work out more. I started off last year working out three times a week, made it up to five times a week through the summer and then once school kicked in, working out became very sporadic.

Now, I’ve been trying my best to make some kind of effort to stay active, because while my current schedule makes it difficult for me to get to the gym and make specific classes, I still want to do something for my health.

I know I’m not alone, so I figured, why not help you guys get more exercise into your daily life too?

Here are five simple ways to sneak more exercise into each day:

1. Take a walk first thing in the morning and a walk after dinner

A blast of fresh air and a glimpse of the sunrise are the perfect way to start the day. And when you’ve eaten your last meal of the day, why not take a walk to help you digest your food and slow down as you get ready for bed.

2. Get a stability ball

Put the stability ball in your living room and sit on it while you watch TV. It’s great for your core and will improve your posture.

3. Stretch when you get tired

When I feel sleepy I typically reach for coffee. It’s better to get your blood pumping (if you can). I recommend wall-sits, squats, or even a quick plank (if you have a private office, or you’re in the comfort of your own home).

4. If you can’t walk, bike

It’s easy to resort to taking the car short distances that are too long to walk, but if it’s not crazy far and you feel safe doing so, why not cycle over. It fulfils two things; getting around and staying active.

5. Plan active dates with friends

If your norm is to go for cocktails with friends, swap the cocktails for something else, like a couple of rounds of tennis or softball. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be done alone

What are your favorite ways to sneak exercise into your day?

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