5 Ways to Make Your Day Healthier

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Becoming healthy is all about the steps you take each day. Here are Savannah Fisher’s tips for how you can make each day healthier.

Wake up and drink a cup of water right away. Also, be sure to drink at least the recommended 8 cups of 8 ounces by the end of the day.

Getting a least 7-8 hours of sleep will help you maintain energy throughout the day and make you more likely to be successful in upcoming tasks.

I’m a firm believer that breakfast is the most important part of your day. After not eating for 7-8 hours due to your 7-8 hours of sleep 😉 it’s important to refuel your body. Breakfast sets you up for the day and helps with no overeating during your later meals. Make sure to eat a well-rounded breakfast.

This is my favorite time of day but for some could be the most dreaded time. If you dread exercise then at least make sure to get the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Go for a walk and then maybe one day you’ll feel good enough to go for a run.

Sometimes turning off your phone and tuning out outside distractions helps me give my mind a rest. At night I put my phone on airplane mode so I won’t be woken up by anything but my alarm. I also try to stop using my phone around 7-8 pm, so that my mind has time to wind down, and I can reflect on my day or strategize coming events in the upcoming days.

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