5 Reasons You Should Be Working Out With A Friend

5 Reasons You Should Be Working Out With A Friend lifesum

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♫ It’s always better when we’re together ♫

I’ll be honest, it feels a little redundant me telling you why you need to workout with a friend. I feel like it’s pretty obvious why. Anyway, here you go. In case you were in any doubt, 5 reasons why you should make your bestie your workout buddy.



Sure, it’s not exactly a sexy concept, but it works. Having someone you go to the gym with makes it harder to bail when you don’t feel like going or it’s raining. You get to be the person that reminds them, ‘See you at 7am tomorrow!’ and they get to remind you. A perfect relationship.



I know, I know, working out, fun? YES. Just yesterday I went with work to do True Workout. We were outdoors (which I was very apprehensive about considering how Stockholm decided to just drop from 60 degrees to around 45, seemingly overnight), and pretty early on in the workout Micha, our trainer, had us split into pairs for some tag-teaming exercises. Following that, we were in pairs again, this time for strength training – lifting each other, crawling up and over each other, and doing the famed couple push up. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. I have never laughed that much in a workout (unless it was with sarcasm). If you’re going to get up early, or give up your lunch break for a workout, the least it can be is good fun. And if you’re working out with friends, laughter is pretty much guaranteed.



Subconscious or not, we have a tendency to work harder at exercise if we’re around other people. A study by The Society of Behavioural Medicine revealed that people who workout with a partner worked on average twice as long as they would have done alone.



You know in Sex and the City when Carrie and her friends go for yoga and talk all the time? That can be your reality. Or, more like my colleagues and I, yelling ‘Whose idea was this?’ whilst at CrossFit can be your reality. You choose.



The scariest things about the gym is: going by yourself into an unknown space full of strangers and not having a clue what to do. That’s alleviated or almost completely removed when you go with someone you know. If you don’t get it, you can ask them. If you both don’t get it, you can figure it out together. Everybody wins!

Convinced? In the words of Robyn, ‘Call your girlfriend, it’s time you had the talk’

/Femi, The Girl Who Hates Working Out

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