5 Quick and cosy recipes to boost your health and fall vibes

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Fall is my favorite season. I love sweaters, staying in, warm drinks, and blankets. I also love fall food; soups, casseroles, pies, crock pots meals – I love it all.

That’s why I thought I’d put together a few of our favorite fall recipes that are good for your health and will make your heart happy too.


1. Chili

Chili is the ultimate comfort food. The lush rich sauce, the protein to fill you up, maybe a handful of tortilla chips or a half a baked potato on the side. It’s good for the soul. Try The Ambitious Kitchen’s Turkey Chili

2. White bean stew

Comfort food does NOT have to contain meat. Case in point, this delicious Cannellini-Bean and Greens Stew from Martha Stewart. Serve it with a little bread and so your best to stop yourself going back for more.

3. Harvest chicken casserole

While a lot of fall recipes can end up feeling flat texturally (ie all mushy), this one from Delish packs flavor and variety. There’s crunch, thanks to the almonds, chewiness from the cranberries, and the tenderness of the chicken. Make enough for leftovers- you’ll want this for lunch all week.

4. Baked apples (delish)

We had to throw in a breakfast option, and hopefully this one doesn’t disappoint. Four ingredients (if you aren’t making your own granola), and an apple corer is about all you need to create this dreamy recipe from Whitney E R. D. If you’re having this for breakfast, swap the ice-cream for Turkish yogurt.

5. Cauliflower cheese

Mac and cheese but better. This is pretty easy too, which helps. The only thing I’ll say is this, don’t over do it on the bacon and watch out for the salt. All that aside, this is delicious.

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