Short on time? These recipes are full of flavor and only take minutes to make, so you can eat healthy when the clock is ticking.

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5 easy brunch recipes that taste great

What do you whip up for brunch when you’re trying to stay healthy? These 5 recipes are simple to make and will wow you and your friends.

What to cook when you have no time

Even when you have no time (or energy!), you can whip together something satisfying with these quick tips on what to cook when you have no time.

Calculating Macros on Your Busy Schedule

Having trouble tracking macros on a busy day? Follow these tips for a healthy diet tracking macros when you have limited time.

7 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

We also, however, recognise, and know from experience, that savouring every meal every day isn’t always possible. Thankfully, rushing everyday do…

5 Healthy Dinners You Only Need a Microwave For

1. Egg Fried Rice in a Mug Eat with your eyes first! The trick to getting all vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is to eat foods with all the co…

3 Simple Lunches Under 500 Calories (that aren’t all salads)

Joselynne Boschen of Alpha Sports is sharing her top 3 recipes under 500 calories. Low-calorie food doesn’t have to be boring, it can still be nu…

6 Healthy Snacks You Can Pick Up On The Go

There’s almost nothing worse. You’re miles from home, you’re going to eat dinner in an hour or so, but your stomach can’t wait that long. If you

Make these easy breakfasts

1. Egg + sausage muffins I love these, and the two below because they’re things you can make ahead of time, and freeze or store in Tupperware. Th…

Blueberry Oats with Mango & Kiwi

Ingredients: ½ cup / 2 dl rolled oats 2 cups / 4-5 dl water ⅕ tsp salt ⅖ cup / 1 dl blueberries 1 mango (about 7 oz / 250 g) 2 kiwi (about 5..…

5 Healthy Breakfasts in 10 Minutes or Less

ph: food52 1. Breakfast Tacos with Egg, Avocado + Yogurt Tacos for breakfast are not only genius, but so delicious that they’ll have you hopping

Simple recipes that take under 15 minutes

Protein Breakfast Bowl At just 284 calories, this 10-minute breakfast bowl packs an incredible 36 g of protein, making sure you’ll stay full unti…

Kid-friendly dinner recipes

Crockpot chicken taco bowls Any meal you can make in a crockpot that will feed a crowd is a good meal to have in your back pocket. This one from

5 Quick and cosy recipes to boost your health and fall vibes

1. Chili Chili is the ultimate comfort food. The lush rich sauce, the protein to fill you up, maybe a handful of tortilla chips or a half a baked…

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