5 Non-Traditional Workouts with Joselynne Boschen

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Alpha Sports founder Joselynne Boschen is Lifesum ambassador and a Nike Master Trainer. Check out her non-traditional workout ideas below!

Hit Up the Jungle Gym
Run, hide, swing, jump and climb. 15 minutes of that will leave you pooped!

Try the Stop Light Squat Hold
It doesn’t matter where you’re walking, waiting is never an excuse to stand still. Get those squats in at every stop light.

Plank Break
While watching your favorite show, commit to holding a different plank variation for every commercial break. Those TV breaks are about to find a whole new purpose.

Do the Doggy Drop and Roll
Get on ground with your dog and copy their movements. It’ll work your abs, glutes and laughing muscles – happy people are usually in better shape!

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