5 healthy lunch ideas you can buy at the store

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I hate meal prep (loathe it!). I just feel like it takes too long, and then gets boring pretty fast. If you’re not like me, I’m happy for you, but if you are, you’re going to love this blog post. It’s about a few different ways you can eat a healthy lunch without having to meal prep.

1. Buy a pre-made salad

These have been saving my life recently. Some stores, like Aldi, offer bags of salad complete with nuts, dressings, and cheese; all you have to do is combine everything and eat! Note: some dressing can be sugary, salty, or just plain calorific, so feel free to skip it on these cases.

2. Make a simple ‘yogurt bowl’

I love this idea because it’s easy and should leave you pretty full. All you need is an individual pot of plain greek yoghurt, a teaspoon of peanut butter or almond butter, and a fruit and nut bar or a KIND bar; stir them all together and you have a lunch full of healthy fat and healthy protein.

3. Eat breakfast for lunch

Oatmeal, nut butter of choice, slices of apple, and a few sliced nuts for added crunch. Perfection.

4. Drink up

Soup! Often underrated, and yet a very easy way to fill up without any work. If you do buy soup, a lot of them tend to be low in protein, so throw in a half a cup of pre-cooked quinoa, or some canned chickpeas to make sure you stay full.

5. Veggie Tray and Hummus

No prep whatsoever. Buy a veggie tray; buy a tub of hummus. Keep this with you at work in the refrigerator; it should last you two days or so.
What are your favourite no-prep lunch ideas you can buy from the grocery store?

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