5 Great High Protein Recipes you Can Meal Prep

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If you’re a busy person with a whole lot going on midweek, then meal prep is the stuff of dreams. You cook one day a week and have the ease of opening the fridge or freezer whenever hunger strikes.
But what should you make? We put together a quick list of a few of our favourite high protein meal prep recipes

1 – Chicken patties with roasted sweet potatoes

This is comfort food.
40 minutes
553 calories
32.3 grams of protein
4 servings
15 ingredients
3 steps

2 – Creamy chicken soup

Soup is a great option for meal prep as it’s just as good day free day.
40 minutes
654 calories
31.1 grams of protein
4 servings
16 ingredients
3 steps

3 – Minced meat stew

Stews are filling, comforting, and pretty straightforward to make – this is no exception.
30 minutes
574 calories
40.1 grams of protein
4 servings
12 ingredients
1 step

4 – Salmon with oven-roasted sweet potatoes

Because anything you can put in the oven and walk away from is easy enough.
40 minutes
730 calories
47.7 grams of protein
4 servings
13 ingredients
3 steps

5 – Goulash

Come in from the cold and feast on this. It’s a winner for sure.
75 minutes
554 calories
31.7 grams of protein
4 servings
15 ingredients
2 steps

What are your favorite meal prep recipes?

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