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What do we all want? Better Health!

When do we want it? Right NOW!

How can we get it? Better Nutrition!

Better nutrition fuels your better health, so here are four Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) ways you can get them both, right now!

Make better not perfect choices, more often.
Better nutrition is cumulative, and it is not perfect. You do need to make better choices more often, but you should steer clear of aiming for anything that promises it is a perfect choice or believing that there is even a perfect choice anywhere. After nearly twenty years of working with patients, the ones that succeed with getting and keeping better health fueled by better nutrition are those that make better choices, more often. This means, it matters less if you can power through three, five, or even ten days of a cleanse if the other three hundred plus days of the years you don’t make better choices more often. This means, it doesn’t matter if you start your day with water with lemon or apple cider vinegar if the rest of your days are full of lesser quality options or routinely ends with a bowl of ice cream or popcorn while watching TV or puttering around on the internet.

Better choices are better for you.
Notice the “U” in nUtrition – it should be your constant reminder that what is better for someone else may not be better for you. Said differently, what is better for you is what your body needs and wants, today. So assessment of who you are right now – healthwise – and your personal health goals are the most important first steps in figuring our what your better choices are and are not. Need help? Download my nutrition log and take my evaluation quizzes to help you assess things like your digestive function (you are not what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb, so assessing the status of your digestive function is critical), and your magnesium intake (magnesium is the nutrient that stops the stress response in your cells – yeah, getting enough of it is pretty important ;).

Get a better nutrition bang from your bites.
When you upgrade the quality of your bites you get better (nutrition) bang from every bite. Check out the quality section of my nutrition plan and assess how you do on the quality of what you eat, drink, and take (supplements) more often. Remember, you want to make better not perfect choices more often so it doesn’t mean everything has to be organic, but it does mean that what goes in and on your body more often should deliver nutrients in a form the body recognizes easily, and that has less of what could irritate or overwhelm it, daily.

Better nutrition better be delicious.
When your food is delicious you and your body enjoy what you receive and that enjoyment plays out for hours, even days. Are you making choices because they are “healthy” but they aren’t delicious? STOP. Too often, I review food logs that show choices being made in the name of “healthy” that are followed by choices later in the day and into the night that are “delicious” even “indulgent”. Food is not only designed to provide resources for our body, it has entertainment value too; our palettes want to be delighted. They will keep asking you to find something tasty until they get it. So make sure that your better choice is a delicious choice, more often. Sometimes we can’t control the taste options; for example, if you know a meal is less likely to be delicious – like a work lunch of meh sandwiches or salads or a break of less than delicious cookies – then remove one slice of bread or skip the croutons and skip the cookies and enjoy a cookie or chocolate peanut butter better bite that you bring from home so that you get in something delicious. Or make sure that your next nutrition pit stop will be better – nutrition and taste-wise. Download my Better Bites and Better Recipes here to get ideas on what you can grab, assemble, or make for better not perfect choices more often.

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