4 Ways to Make Working Out in The Morning A Reality

4 Ways to Make Working Out in The Morning A Reality lifesum

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Naked yoga anyone?

It’s 6.30 am. Your alarm has just gone off, and you throw the covers off, hop out of bed, and lie flat on your yoga mat.

Not a normal morning for you? We’re about to change that.

As our lives become busier, there’s a growing interest in morning workouts. And while we’re fans, we also understand that they aren’t exactly easy to do logistically. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are four ways to make morning workouts a reality.

A good morning workout is actually dependent on a good night’s sleep, who knew? Try to sleep longer the night before a workout. Not only will your performance be better during your workout, but it’ll be easier to get up beforehand, which also helps.

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Not that kind. The water kind. An ice-cold glass of lemon-infused water is exactly what you need to wake yourself up in the morning. It’s not the least intrusive start to the morning but it works!

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Mornings are the perfect time for a workout like yoga or pilates. Stretching is the body’s natural reaction to waking up. Put your yoga mat next to your bed and when you get up you’ll find you’re already at the gym.

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Our nutritionist Frida cycles to the station every morning and then takes the train into the office. Our backend developer Arnaldur cycles the whole way in, as does our designer Markus. I know a few people who run to work. The point I’m making is…why not combine exercise and your commute? Two birds, one stone.

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