4 Signs it’s Time For A Checkup #supportyourballs

4 Signs it's Time For A Checkup supportyourballs lifesum

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It’s time to focus on men’s health.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged between 25-49. Typically it starts as a strange growth that develops in the testicles (one or both), and spreads throughout the body.

It can affect everyone, but the people who are more at risk are:
– Men aged 15-35.
– Men who have suffered from testicular cancer before.
– Men born with undescended testes, or men who have defective testicle development.
– Men with family history of testicular cancer.

But don’t panic! Even if you’re a man (or know a man) who qualifies for one or more of these, it doesn’t make developing testicular cancer a definite. And if it is developed, as long as it’s found early, it can be taken care of.

Here are four things to look out for:
1. Swelling or a lump in one of your testicles.
This is the most common symptom. The lump could be as small as a pea, but if you feel anything is different, go get it checked out!

2. Pain in one of your testicles or your scrotum.
20% of men with testicular cancer experience sharp pain or discomfort in a testicle or in the scrotum.

3. A heavy scrotum.
Is your scrotum feeling heavy? Heaviness doesn’t necessarily indicate cancer, but you should definitely take a look at it.

4. A difference between one testicle and the other.
It’s most common for cancer to affect one testicle, rather than both, so if they start to feel different, go speak to your doctor.

Feeling a little off but not sure why? It’s best to schedule a checkup.

For more information on testicular cancer, check out the American Cancer Society.

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