3 Exercises To Do Before & After Your Run

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Running is straightforward enough to do, but what should you be doing before and after to take care of your muscles and avoid injury? Our nutritionist Frida demonstrates:


Before you head out for your run it’s essential to warm up. Start by walking or jogging slowly then shift your main focus on dynamic stretches that target the muscles used for running.

1. Walking Lunges
Stand up right, take a big step forward and drop your back leg down. Make sure you keep your front knee over your ankle and keep walking slowly like this for 10 steps on each side. 


2. Toe Flexing
Stand up, point and flex your foot 10 times per foot. 


3. Hip Rotation
Stand up, bring your leg up and rotate your hips out, down, and back again. 10 times per side.



You are going to feel it if any part of your body feels tight after the run. Areas that tend to need a little extra stretch-love after a run tend to be hips, hamstrings, glutes or calves. These can be classic static stretches.

1.  Forward Bent Glute Stretch
Lie face-down, lift your hips, bend one leg and bring the knee up toward the opposite elbow. Hold for about 30 seconds. Switch to the other side.


2. Calf Stretch Numero 1
Stand with an arm’s distance from a wall. Step forward with one leg and leave the other leg behind you. Bend the front leg and press down the heel of the back foot. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch legs.


3. Calf Stretch Numero 2
Stand a few inches away from the wall. Let your heel remain on the ground, flex your foot and put your toes up on the wall. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch foot.


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