3 alternative milks and their pros and cons

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A glass of whole fat cow’s milk contains 149 calories, 7.7 g of protein, 12.3 g of sugar, and 8 g of fat. Cows milk is recommended by experts because of its calcium content (which is good for bones), it’s B12 content, (which helps with prevention of anemia and stronger bones), and it’s B2/riboflavin. Add to that the fact that it’s fairly cheap and widely available, and it can be hard to figure out why anyone would ever not want to buy it.

The thing is, well, there are a lot of reasons. For some, it’s lactose intolerance; for others, it’s veganism; and for others still, it’s overall health. Some of our bodies don’t respond as well to dairy as others do.

So if you can’t do cow’s milk, what do you get instead? Here are just a few alternative mills and how they stack up:

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