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That’s me…

I’m Astrid, I am 29 years old and I come from Germany. I work as a retail pharmacist.

What Lifesum did for me…

Between August 2013 and October 2014  I lost 60 pounds using the Lifesum app! My start weight was 250 pounds (17 stone 11 lbs/ 113 kg) My current weight is 190 pounds (13 stone 7 lbs /86 kg), my target weight is 160 pounds (11 stone 5 lbs/ 72.5 kg).

How I changed my life…

I succeeded by completely changing my diet. I started counting my calories and finally started dealing with the subject of nutrition. I started by using the app to understand what I was actually eating and to get to know what I could and needed to change. I then changed my diet and started planning my food shopping and meals for each day. In addition I started to exercise at home every second day with help from a fitness DVD. After I had lost my first 32 pounds I started to exercising with a Powerplate as well. Now that I have come closer to my goal I have started regularly training at a gym as well – I want to build up more muscle mass in order to increase my basal metabolic rate.

The best thing about losing weight…

I feel so much better now! It is hard to describe but it basically feels like a completely new life. I get a lot of positive feedback and that motivates me a lot to continue what I have started!

Congratulations Astrid from the whole Lifesum team!

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