11 Tips for Staying Fit with an Office Job

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Is your office job working you into a health rut? Don’t let staying fit, managing a healthy weight, and feeling good about yourself fall prey to your 9 to 5. Check out these quick and easy tips for honing healthier habits in the office:

Sit Up Straighter

Spending all day sitting at a desk? Bad posture may be one of your worst habits. Clever ways to sit up straighter and lengthen that spine includes:

Concentrated at work.

  1. Sit on a stability ball instead of chair when working at your desk – it’s a lot harder to slouch and cross your legs on a giant inflatable ball!
  2. Invest in a standing desk that rises to meet your hands and prevents you from slumping your back and craning your neck.
  3. Start your day with a quick yoga session that stretches and strengthens back muscles – even gentle yoga or senior yoga practice can make a big difference in posture and eliminating back pain.

Eat Better

The problem with office eating? Ordering food in, vending machines, snack baskets – lots of packaged and processed foods that simply don’t make the cut when it comes to prioritizing healthy eating. Instead, try these bonafide health-boosting ways to eat better:

Office Lunch

  1. Don’t skip breakfast. Skipping the first meal of they day will leave you starving by lunchtime and more likely to make unhealthy decisions based on what you’re craving, not what is good for you.
  2. Pack your own lunch. The best way to choose healthy food options is to make them for yourself. Pack your own lunch, and even stock healthy snacks like granola, nuts, and dried fruit at your desk.
  3. Stay hydrated. You might think your 3 cups of coffee in the morning count as ‘drinking water,’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Coffee dehydrates you, so you want to aim to drink a glass or two of water for each cup of java.

Burn More Calories

Your daily grind might make it hard to get a workout in every day so how’s about burning some extra calories at the office? It’s easier than you think:

Business couple on the street

  1. If you live close by, walk or bike to work instead of driving.
  2. If driving to work, park further back in the parking lot so you have to take more steps to get inside.
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  4. Use a pedal exerciser under your desk to work your legs and feet while typing away.
  5. Take meetings on the go — get up from a sitting position in the conference room and work out those muscles, ask colleagues to make laps around the office with you.

Effective management of your health and wellness doesn’t have to stop once you step foot in the office – even small steps add up to make a big difference!

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