Make Your Life Easier with Lifesum's Barcode Scanner

Learn how to make life easier with Lifesum's barcode scanner.

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, Lifesum's barcode scanner is a very helpful tool to alleviate the stress associated with maintaining healthier food choices. Gone are the days of guesswork; the barcode scanner simplifies the process, empowering users to effortlessly make informed decisions about their diet 

Lifesum users love the barcode scanner and describe it as a game-changer. Designed to simplify the process of logging food intake and getting information about nutrition, this feature allows users to effortlessly scan the barcodes of various food items, instantly retrieving accurate nutritional information. 

The best thing is: whether you're a fitness enthusiast, someone aiming to lose weight, or simply looking to maintain a balanced diet, Lifesum's barcode scanner empowers you to take control of your nutritional choices in every situation. 

How the Barcode Scanner Works:

Using Lifesum's barcode scanner is as simple as pointing your smartphone's camera at the barcode on a food item! 

The app then interprets the information and provides you with detailed nutritional data, including calories, macronutrients, and pretty much whatever you need to know about the item. This real-time feedback ensures that you're always aware of what you're consuming, offering better decision-making regarding your dietary habits.


You start off in the Diary (the starting page in the app). Select the meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks – you want to learn more about . On the next page you find the icon for the barcode scanner to the right in the search bar.

1. Click on the barcode scanner icon in the top right corner. 2. Scan the barcode of your product – it's that easy!  You can also track the item by clicking on "ADD TO DIARY".


You start off in the Diary (the starting page in the app). Select the meal you want to add food to. On the next page you find the icon for the barcode scanner to the right in the search bar.

1. Click on the barcode scanner icon in the top right corner. 2. Scan a barcode and you're done!  Just like on iOS, you can track the item by clicking on "ADD TO DIARY".

Grocery Shopping Made Smarter

Imagine strolling through the aisles of your local grocery store, contemplating which products align with your health goals. With Lifesum's barcode scanner, you can effortlessly scan items to assess their nutritional content. Opt for foods that contribute positively to your diet, ensuring a seamless integration of your health goals into your shopping routine.

Meal Prepping Simplified

For those dedicated to meal prepping, Lifesum's barcode scanner streamlines the process. Scan the barcodes of your chosen ingredients, and the app automatically compiles a comprehensive nutritional profile of your meal. This not only saves time but also ensures that your homemade dishes align with your dietary objectives.

Nutrition labels: what should I look for?

When it comes to choosing one food or drink over another, the nutrition label can give you some key insights into the quality of the food. So let’s break down some of the basics of checking nutrition labels and what to look for.

Serving sizes

Shown in bold on the nutrition labels are the calories and serving sizes. So make sure you check the portion size. Keep in mind that the serving size is a good reference point rather than one-size-fits-all because we all have different nutrient needs. If you want to learn more about your particular needs, you can download Lifesum.


When it comes to calories, the amount to look for can depend on your personal needs, such as your height, weight, and activity level. The first step is to get the right amount you need to fuel your body and the second step is to make sure they come from good, nutritious sources. 
Unsure how many calories you need? Check out this article for inspiration.

In a world where health-conscious living is on the rise and time can be scarce, Lifesum's barcode scanner should be your friend when needed, offering users a user-friendly and effective tool for managing their nutritional intake.

Whether you're navigating the grocery store, dining out, meal prepping, or keeping tabs on your calorie count, Lifesum's barcode scanner is the key to making informed and empowered choices. Embrace the future of nutrition tracking with Lifesum, where health meets technology in perfect harmony.

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