Lifesum, The App | Don’t Be Afraid to Get Started!

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Don’t freak out, we’re here to hold your hand!

For a member of Lifesum’s Customer Happiness team, emails from new members of the Lifesum family wondering about the detailed functionality of the app and how to get started are a common and understandable sight: The app gives you numerous features and options as support for your journey to success so there’s a lot to explore.

This article is the start of a whole series of supporting articles – we’d like to help you get a good start and give you some advice on where to look for help in case you have any questions.

We’ll start off with two general tips:

Don’t be afraid
Explore, try things out and click your way through the app! You can’t break anything. If you change a value you can change it back. If you try to delete things you’ll always be asked if you really would like to delete them before deletion is completed. If you try to reset the app you’ll be asked if you really want to do that. To put it in a nutshell: nothing serious can happen and if you ever do get stuck somewhere, there’s always a solution and there will aways be support through the Lifesum support team.

Your request for help is our command. Every email will be answered as soon as possible. Many problems can be solved easily by just contacting us with all the necessary details. And other problems might need time as they have to be investigated.

Needing help doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem! You might just have a question that needs to be answered and the best way to solve this is, as a first step, to visit our FAQ section. There we cover the most basic questions. And if you can’t find any answer to your question, please contact us, we’re more than happy to help!

More coming soon!