The Best Restaurants for Seasonal Dining in Berlin

For a taste of seasonal dining in Berlin, it doesn’t get much better than these restaurants.

  • Published: 12/4/2022
  • 5 min. read

There’s a lot to love about seasonal dining. Knowing that what you’re eating came from truly fresh ingredients in the area inspires a deeper connection and appreciation for the food. Plus, you can wind up with some pretty creative dishes as chefs work with only what’s available at that moment. For a taste of seasonal dining in Berlin, it doesn’t get much better than these restaurants, ranging from world-famous, Michelin-starred establishments to bistro-like neighborhood go-tos. 

Restaurant Tim Raue

When it comes to the most famous fine dining spots in Berlin, Restaurant Tim Raue is the one you’ll often find sitting at the top. With two Michelin stars, the upscale restaurant serves up elegant dishes inspired by Japanese, Thai and Chinese culinary traditions. Go for the Koi tasting menu to try their latest creations influenced by the season. Each plate is a work of art, which is fitting seeing as the space was once a gallery.


It’s Austrian cuisine with a modern, refined touch and a focus on vegetables at Horváth. Wood paneling and candle light make this canalside spot cozier than what you might expect out of a restaurant with two Michelin stars. While you could opt for the wine accompaniment to your multi-course meal, it’s also fun to try their pairings of homemade, non-alcoholic beverages. 

CODA Dessert Dining

If you always have room for dessert, then you’ll love a visit to CODA Dessert Dining, a two Michelin-starred restaurant where it’s all dessert all the time. The menus change with the seasons, and regardless of whether you go for the five course or seven course option, you can expect a delightful journey of innovative dishes that have you rethinking what dessert can be.


Located in a former distillery, Eins44 makes sophisticated food more approachable with its seasonal dishes and inviting, industrial interior. The menu changes often and features influences from around the world, particularly Germany and France though. Along with the creative food, the super high ceilings and pretty tiled walls preserved from the building’s past only add to the place’s cool factor.


It doesn’t get much more intimate than dining at the Michelin-starred ernst, which only has eight seats at a counter looking right into the kitchen (make a note to book reservations far in advance!). The team here cares a lot about sourcing, looking to Berlin and the surrounding region for their ingredients, so you can expect their Japanese-influenced tasting menus to really celebrate whatever time of year it is.


The only restaurant in Berlin with three Michelin stars, Rutz uses high-quality regional ingredients to whip up inventive small plates. Settle in for their eight-course Inspiration menu, and add the wine accompaniment too if you can swing it since they’re also famous for their excellent, extensive wine selection. Don’t drink alcohol? They can do a non-alcoholic beverage pairing too.

Restaurant Facil

Head up to the fifth floor of The Mandala Hotel to reach Restaurant Facil, a fine dining restaurant with two Michelin stars. A little oasis above Potsdamer Platz, the space itself is a bit of a showstopper with its floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to the lush roof garden. Really though, the food is the main attraction with seasonal dishes that take inspiration from around the globe.


Probably the trendiest place to eat in Schillerkiez, Barra serves small dishes that are meant to be shared so it’s best to come with a crew who’s as excited about food as you are. The simply decorated restaurant nurtures close relationships with farmers and producers, and that’s reflected in their menu, which transforms throughout the seasons. They’re also big on wine so check out their selection if you’re into that too. 

Lucky Leek

There’s so much great vegan food in Berlin, but if you want to dig into an all-vegan menu in a fancier setting, then Lucky Leek is the place to go. Bits of assorted bright green decor liven up the casual interior, and depending on how hungry you are, you can decide between three, four or five courses. Even if you have a sweet tooth, it’s worth considering the homemade “cheese” plate for dessert to end your meal on a real high note. 

Das Lokal

It’s all right there in its name: Das Lokal has a strong focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients so there are new menus constantly in the works, moving from winter to spring to summer to fall. Aside from some large-scale artwork, this small spot is pretty minimalist in its decor, and the relaxed atmosphere makes it nice for a fun date night.


Attractive and bright, Sorrel is mostly a place to grab a nice brunch or lunch (they’re only open for dinner on Thursdays and Fridays). Much of their food is meant to be shared, and they change up their menu, sometimes by the day or by the week, depending on what’s good from local producers. It’s all about fresh, high-quality ingredients here, preferably those that are bio and organic. The coffee and natural wines are top-notch too. 

AV Restaurant Berlin

At AV Restaurant Berlin, you can enjoy small plates of contemporary European cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal products. You’ll likely see dishes with fermented and preserved ingredients as they try to not to import things when there’s less of a seasonal bounty to work with. There’s an omnivore menu and a vegan option, and if you want something more low-key, you can order sharing plates and snacks at the bar and terrace. 


Stepping into Shiori feels like you've been transported to Japan with its clean, narrow interior that only sits 10 people at a counter, one seating per night. Served in an assortment of beautiful, artisan-made vessels, the dinner here is an 11 to 13 course menu that’s slowly adjusted over the seasons. Since everyone gets a front row view of the food being prepared, it makes the meal all the more special.

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