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In a health and technology first, on ‘Blue Monday’ (Monday 16th January 2017), reportedly the most depressing day of the year due to financial st…

  • Published: 1/13/2017
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In a health and technology first, on ‘Blue Monday’ (Monday 16th January 2017), reportedly the most depressing day of the year due to financial strain, bad weather, and broken New Year’s resolutions; Londoners will be able to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) through a unique vitamin D experience.

Together with London Fit Food & Juice Bar Crussh, and the SAD Lightbox Company, we are launching the first ever ‘Vitamin D Bar’ offering SAD lightboxes, and a vitamin D-rich smoothie ‘Blues Beater powered by Lifesum’. Specifically designed by our in-house nutritionist together with Crussh, the smoothie aims to help Londoners combat SAD by boosting their vitamin D intake and serotonin levels, while enjoying the benefits of the daylight therapy lamps, which help to regulate ‘Circadian Rhythms’.

‘Blues Beater powered by Lifesum’ smoothies will be available to purchase at all Crussh stores in the UK, and for an additional mood boost, those visiting Crussh’s New Street Square store can experience its designated ‘Vitamin D Bar’; which offers customers exposure to replacement sunlight through SAD light therapy boxes.

Blues Beater – what it contains and how it was made

blues beater by lifesum

We know the perils of long winter days and evenings all too well. With an average of only seven hours of sunlight in January, SAD is a very real issue, with nutrients playing a vital part in the physical and mental well-being of the population. The project was created after we looked at the data logged by our London-based users, which showed that most have a lack of vitamin D, and are therefore at risk of experiencing some of the symptoms associated with SAD.

The smoothie contains some of the following ingredients, which are not only rich in vitamin D, but also high in magnesium, fibre and protein, all of which speed up the body’s metabolism and ability to absorb vitamins:

– Vitamin D booster
– Blueberries
– Kefir
– Spinach
– Bananas

The smoothie is available across all 27 Crussh branches until March 2017.
Price: small £3.80, medium £4.80, large £6.30
For additional nutritional facts visit www.crussh.com

“Having looked at the data from our London-based users, it was unsurprising that their logs showed low levels of vitamin D, especially during January, when the short days mean that we don’t receive enough sunlight. This triggered the idea of creating the ‘Vitamin D Bar’ together with Crussh and the SAD Lightbox Company, where users can get their fill of both light and vitamin D. The free light experience and on-the-go smoothie, will give Londoners a much needed nutritional boost which will help them feel more energetic and happy during the winter months.”

– Frida Harju, in-house Nutritionist at Lifesum

“We’re delighted to partner with Lifesum for the second time on this exciting initiative. The Blues Beater smoothie forms part of our January Refresh menu, helping boost the nutrition of Londoners at what can be a gloomy time of year! Just 10 minutes in the Vitamin D Bar in our new city store will help boost your vitamin D levels and your mood this January.”

– Helen Jones, Head of Marketing at Crussh

About Crussh – Fit Food & Juice Bars
Founded in 1998 on Cornhill in London, Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars is London’s original juice, smoothie and healthy fast food retailer.

Now with 27 stores across London, Crussh is known for its green juices, smoothies and signature healthpots. All raw fruit & vegetable juices are freshly pressed, smoothies are blended-to-order, and their extensive range of ‘Fit Food’ is handmade every day in Crussh’s own kitchen. With an extensive menu ranging from wheatgrass shots & turmeric lattes to scrambled egg protein pots & super salad boxes, Crussh is the destination for anyone with an interest in healthy living. www.crussh.com

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