Gen Z and millennials: 8 in 10 would quit their jobs tomorrow because of a toxic work culture, survey reveals

London, UK. Wednesday, 29 November, 2023—8 in 10 Gen Z and millennials would quit their jobs tomorrow because of a toxic work culture, new data from leading global healthy eating app Lifesum shows. 

Worrying levels of stress

Workplace stress was felt by the majority (51%) of Gen Z and millennials, while almost half (48%) said that their personal life was affected by work-related stress always or most of the time.

In terms of how employers could positively impact stress levels, Gen Z and millennials listed good management, healthy eating initiatives, economic compensation and mental health support.

“Burnout, layoffs and the cost of living crisis impact stress, but it won’t stop people from job-hopping. Gen Z and millennials are telling us that factors, including healthy eating initiatives, help them - and for good reason, given that scientific evidence shows how a balanced diet can support a healthy immune system and provide the extra energy to deal with stressful events,” said Wesleigh Roeca, director of business development at Lifesum. 

In October, Lifesum, which is used by organisations, including Google and Amazon to improve employee wellbeing, surveyed more than 5,000 UK Gen Z and millennials to explore how they make career decisions based on personal values.

Workplace health and wellbeing is crucial

While high levels of stress continue to impact Gen Z and millennials, promoting workplace wellbeing can minimise stress levels, which creates a thriving, positive environment for individuals and organisations. 

When questioned about personal wellbeing, nearly half of Gen Z and millennials (47%) said they would quit their job tomorrow for one that better supported their wellbeing.

And almost three quarters of Gen Z and millennials (71%) felt that they would be more productive at work if their employer improved their health and wellbeing.

But companies must work harder, as the survey revealed that nearly two-thirds (61%) of Gen Z and millennials felt their employer did not have a wellbeing culture.

“Gen Z and millennials care deeply about their health and wellbeing, and are passionate about finding a job that aligns with their personal values. Scientific evidence, including a recent McKinsey Health Institute study, shows how healthy eating leads to improved cognitive functioning and reversal of type 2 diabetes, which impacts workplace outcomes,” said Roeca. 

Hormonal health impacts everyone

A lack of flexibility was not the only reason forcing Gen Z and millennials to call it quits. In the survey, 40% of female Gen Z and millennials would quit tomorrow for a job that better supported their female cycle.

One million women in the UK quit their jobs due to menopause symptoms (source), while in the U.S., menopause costs American women an estimated $1.8 billion in lost working time per year (source).

“Hormones regulate every process in the body, including stress and productivity, meaning employers risk losing top talent if they don’t offer support, such as fertility planning and hormonal health. Everyone has hormones, and that’s why our Hormonal Health Program works for all genders,” Roeca added. 

Remote working is here to stay

The research found that the majority of Gen Z and millennials want their employers to continue offering flexibility, with 54% saying they would find alternative jobs if hybrid work was not an option.

“Flexibility is hugely motivating, which employers must consider when attracting and retaining talent. Whether it’s working from home or the office, employers should inspire Gen Z and millennials to improve their health by making smarter food choices using services such as Lifesum, as this positively impacts engagement and productivity,” said Roeca.

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