What You May Have Missed In iOS Version 4.3.23

The new version is full of features you might not have discovered yet, making using the app much easier. Check them out below: 1. Plans: When you…

  • Published: 1/13/2015
  • 2 min. read

The new version is full of features you might not have discovered yet, making using the app much easier.

Check them out below:

1. Plans: When you register for the first time you can set a plan you want to follow: Be Healthier, Lose Weight or Gain weight. As an existing user wanting to log into your existing account, just tap the Log in button in the upper right corner. When you’ve logged in you can choose your plan by going to Settings -> My Plan under Profile Settings. Choose the plan you’d like (Be Healthier – for those of you wishing to maintain your current weight, Lose Weight, or Gain weight) and follow the steps.



2. Collapse lists in Diary: We knew it would happen: Your list of tracked food and workouts during the day is getting too long and scrolling to reach the last tracked item takes a lot of time. No need for that anymore, just use the ‘expand and collapse’ feature. Tap the arrow below your tracked meal or exercise and the list shortens, showing the first tracked item on the top. Another option is to click on the module name (e.g. Breakfast, Exercise) to use the function.


3. Goal per meal in kcal: Do you begin your day not knowing how to distribute your daily calorie intake? We’ve solved this problem! Now the app tells you how many calories you should eat in every meal (Standard and 5:2 diet) before you even start tracking your food!


4. Exclude burned calories: We have now included the option to choose if you want to include or exclude burned calories from your calorie goal. To choose your preference, please go to Me > Settings > Personal details > Exclude calories


5. Light option when scanning: In the past you might have had problems scanning a barcode when it was too dark. Problem solved: when you now click on the option to scan you will see a small flash icon top right. Click on it in order to switch on the light.


6. Incorrect food items: Have you ever found a food item in the database that is not correct? As our database partly consists of user entries there might be foods that are incorrect. Instead of contacting our customer service you now have a much more convenient option: when you find an incorrect item, click on it and scroll down to the button “Report”, click on it and choose what you want to report.


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