Kick Your Keto Diet Up a Notch With Intermittent Fasting

Combine intermittent fasting with a ketogenic diet to kill more calories

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The ketogenic diet is a low carb, high-protein, high-fat diet designed to activate a state of ketosis in your body, which then begins to burn stored fat as energy instead of using carbohydrates. But to lose weight, you will still need to burn more calories than you eat or eat less than you burn. One way to accomplish this is with fasting. Adding fasting to a keto diet is a great way to kill calories and kick your keto diet up a notch.

Ketogenic Diet Basics

For any diet to succeed, it cannot be demotivating. Nobody wants to survive on nothing but broccoli and water. With the keto diet, you keep the butter, the cream, and the fatty salad dressing. Just toss out the grains and starch. Enjoy steak, avocados, cheese, and bacon. Just ditch the sugar. The keto diet lets you indulge in fats and proteins to feel satisfied and curb hunger pains. The cardinal rule of the keto diet is to limit your carb intake to less than 50 grams per day in order to activate ketosis in your body.

Since you’ll be getting most of your nutrition from proteins and fats, it’s important to remember what to eat and what to avoid. For proteins, eat eggs and plenty of meats like fish, beef, and poultry. Eat nuts and seeds like macadamias and sunflower seeds. Get the fats needed for ketosis to kick in by eating high-fat dairy products like heavy cream, butter, and hard cheeses. Since many fruits are high in sugars and carbs, eat avocados, raspberries, and blackberries instead of oranges and bananas.

Grains have to go. Sorry, cereal. A hot bowl of oatmeal topped with some fresh berries is a better choice. Tubers like potatoes or yams are a big no-no as well. Also, many vegetables have higher carbs than you would suspect. As a rule of thumb, eat your green leafy veggies for maximum vitamins and minimum carbs. Other keto-friendly vegetables include cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and the ever-popular kale.

The best part about the ketogenic diet is that you make it yours. Plan your keto diet to be as strict or relaxed as you need it to be. Set up your diet to slowly show results over a longer period or accelerate your weight loss by intermittent fasting along with it. It’s up to you and your dietary goal.

Fasting on the Ketogenic Diet

Fasting is a simple and surefire way to avoid accidental overeating or binge eating while on a keto diet. Also known as alternate-day fasting, intermittent fasting lets you set up your fasting periods to suit your dietary goals. You can alternate the days of fasting to fast every other day, just two days per week, or by randomly skipping several meals during the week.

According to, intermittent fasting works, but the results vary to different degrees. Longer fasting periods appear to work more for people trying to lose more weight in a shorter period of time. It’s important to remember to choose the type of fast which is realistic and comfortable for you. There’s no use fasting for 24 hours if you binge the following day. A better approach might be to fast for 16 hours and leave an eight-hour window for eating (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., for example).

The Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is not a new phenomenon, but recent studies highlight its health benefits. Regular fasting optimizes energy metabolism, reduces oxidative damage, reduces obesity, and has the potential to delay aging. Fasting also reduces some of the side effects of a strict diet.

The keto diet also stabilizes your blood sugar, which helps to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. As an added bonus, research shows that keto diets can also improve your memory and sharpen your mental clarity. Now that’s food for thought.

Fasting and Fitness

Adding exercise to your keto diet is another great way to burn calories. Just remember to drink plenty of water to keep from dehydrating. You may find it easier to exercise on the days with a full meal regimen. Keep in mind that your choice of exercise doesn’t have to be extreme sports or marathon running. It just has to be consistent to see results. Park the car and take a brisk walk for 30 minutes per day and you’ll burn hundreds of calories.

In addition to drinking lots of water during your fasting period, you can also drink water before meals and before bedtime. Drinking two glasses of water before dinner will fill you up enough to help you eat smaller portions.

Keeping Track of Your Keto Diet Progress

For ketogenic diet weight loss to succeed, you’ll need to keep track of everything you eat and when you eat it. Our Lifesum Weight Tracker app lets you count calories, kick in the ketosis, and plan your intermittent fasting hours with ease. Choose from an easy, medium, or strict plan in our app and start tracking your fitness goals.

Our keto app isn’t just a calorie counter, it completely personalizes your diet plan, suggests delicious, satisfying recipes, and tracks your diet progress with every meal, every day. Set up your plan to include your intermittent fasting schedule to round out your keto diet plan. The key to your successful keto diet is consistency, and our app shows you a fun, delicious way to do it.

It’s important to remember that no diet plan is right for every person. By personalizing your keto diet and your fasting schedule, you’re sure to get the best results possible for you. Nutritionists advise that fasting is not for everyone. People with a history of glycemic control problems or disordered eating should not fast. Also, if you’re pregnant, underweight or younger than 18, fasting is not advised.

But the keto diet is a proven winner for many people, with or without fasting. Check out the Lifesum Weight Tracker to fully personalize your keto diet experience, track your calories, and take control of your weight and your health.

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