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Let’s be real – there’s a lot of confusing information out there when it comes to health. And part of that is due to the fact that we’re all different, and we all have different bodies. What works for you might not work for me, and what you enjoy, I might hate, completely.
So with that being the case, where should you go for your health education? We’ve put together a list of podcasts we think will help you figure out what works (and doesn’t) for you!

Nourishing Minds Nutrition Podcast

These girls talk about everything! And they know their stuff, they’re registered, dieticians.
They discuss everything from daily routines and habits, to eating disorders, and intuitive eating, with a goal to help set you free from yo-yo dieting and food-guilt.

Bulletproof Radio

You read that right. The Bulletproof diet is the brainchild of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey. It’s all about helping your body and mind reach maximum performance, and using unconventional medicine to boost your health. Listen as Asprey and his guests discuss ways you can improve your sleep, optimize your gut, and cultivate a healthy relationship with money.

Straight Up Paleo

Paleo, you know, the caveman diet? These two are all about it. But that’s not all they talk about. They address probiotics, the Whole30 Elimination diet, and what real food is. A must-listen.

Another Mother Runner

Into running? Want to be? Whichever side of the fence you fall – you’ll want to tune into this one. It’s not your average running podcast either, you’ll hear from Olympic marathon runners, hear all about preparing for triathlons, and hear about running as therapy. Who knew there was this much to know about running?

All in the mind

Health is about more than your body. And a healthy body without a healthy mind isn’t true health. This podcast unpacks all sorts of behaviour in the brain covering topics like depression, empathy, motivation, and trauma. They leave no stone unturned.

The Plant Yourself Podcast

If you’re at all curious about the realities of a plant-based diet, this podcast is for you. You’ll learn about what it is and isn’t, how it affects memory, has helped professional athletes, and has been embraced by many, even a butcher!

Up and Vanished

So this isn’t actually a health or wellness podcast – but trust us, it’s good. If you’re into whodunnits or unsolved disappearance shows, this podcast is about to be your new obsession. We listened to all of the first series and now the second has come out we’re just as hooked (if not more so). One tip though: if you’re easily spooked, listen in the daytime.

What are some of your podcasts?

Femi A-Williams is a health and fitness convert trying to reconcile a healthy lifestyle and a happy food life. She is 80% whole grain and 20% donut.

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