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Labneh, or Lebneh, has its roots in Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s made by draining plain yogurt (preferably full-fat) for an extended period of time (maybe even overnight), so that it becomes thicker and the taste is more concentrated.

Here’s why we’re obsessed with it – whilst it is full fat, it’s full of healthy fat, and its protein content is a pretty decent 10 g per 100 g. Whilst it has somewhat of a naturally sour taste, it is a pretty neutral taste which means you can make it taste however you want it too.

In meze, Labneh is usually eaten with drizzled with olive oil and with some herbs or finely chopped vegetables, but you can also use as a replacement for mayo in a creamy chicken sub, as a spread on your toast instead of cream cheese. or as a dessert, topped with fresh berries and a spoon of honey.

With all those different ways to eat it, our favorite is definitely still the Middle Eastern way – check out this delicious recipe from Bon Appetit magazine!

ph: Bon Appetit


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